The land calls for wisdom:


The land gives good fruit only if cultivated with care and wisdom. A choice that crosses the whole of the entrepreneurial philosophy of the Agribologna Group.
With the activity of the three founder companies: Agribologna Consortium, Conor and Fresco Senso, the Group, from its headquarters in Bologna, plans, controls and develops the production and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables for the domestic and international markets and is one of the most important enterprises of the whole Italian sector.
The controlled companies work in specific markets, knowing how to interpret their needs. The Agribologna Consortium, the co-operative that embraces more than 130 specialized producers, organises the production and sale of traditional vegetable garden cultivations but also fruit from the territory.
Conor it is the commercial representative for the traditional and collective catering market and for all foreign markets.
Fresco Senso it is the industrial representative for the offer of IV range fruit.


Group companies:

Consorzio Agribologna Fresco Senso Conor - L'ortofrutta รจ servita
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